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Terms and rules

Wood Barter

What is Wood Barter?

As the name implies, Wood Barter was conceived as a place where woodworkers can trade wood at no cost to the parties involved other than the parties' own shipping costs. Members can also buy and sell wood here at no cost to them. Members are dealing with other individual members when they engage in trades (“trade/s” include buying, selling, or trading).

As the BETA site was being tested by a small group of woodworking hobbyists & professionals, it became apparent that the members also wanted a more traditional woodworking forum so, in addition to being a place to trade wood, the site is also a place where woodworkers are able to discuss various topics of interest with others of like mind.

What Wood Barter is not . . .

Wood Barter is not a "barter exchange". We do not arrange trades between other parties, and we do not charge any commissions or fees of any kind whatsoever. Nor do we assess, determine, nor assign any value to anyone's item/s, nor do we aid anyone in doing so. We are merely a place where people can meet, freely associate, and exchange wood if they so desire, and we are not a party to any exchange/s in any way.

Wood Trading

Wood Trading Rules

This section is part of your Terms of Use (TOU). Violation of these rules can be grounds for revoking your membership privileges temporarily or permanently. You agree to the following rules of conduct when discussing trades with other members.

    1. Your first step to using this site is to read these rules then start your own thread in the introduction forum and tell us at least a little about you. You cannot post in any forums until you have made an introduction. "PRIVATE MESSAGES" are called "Conversations" with this forum software. You will automatically be given Conversation privileges after 5 posts of actual content.
    2. All offers to trade, buy, or sell must include clear, high-quality images of the actual items being offered. All images must be uploaded to our server. Offsite image hosts such as imgur or Photobucket are not allowed. Lots with numerous pieces may be shown as a lot but must be the actual lot, and prospective buyers may ask to see more detailed pictures of any or all items no matter how many items in the lot. WB is not geared toward sales of large lots.
    3. All trading activity must start and end in a thread in the Wood Central section in the appropriate forum. Trades initiated "behind the forum" can result in an immediate and permanent ban. Prices must be listed in the post. If you're unsure of a price do not use a "Best Offer", you should check various Internet sites for wood vendors and see what they are getting for the same thing and base a price on that. If you price something too high, it's OK for folks to make an offer of a lower price. Just remember, you're not going to get rich selling stuff here. So keep your prices respectable.
    4. "Is Anyone Interested In...." type of threads to "gauge interest" are not permitted anywhere on the forum. It is either posted as for sale or trade - or not at all. WB does not allow "preselling". If you don't have possession of the wood or item do not mention it here at all.
    5. Auction threads are not permitted anywhere on the forum unless sponsored by the site moderators for the benefit of the site
    6. When a member clearly expresses interest in an item for sale, you must honor a “first refusal” with that member before discussing sales for that particular item/s with another member; this will be done in a chronological order. To avoid confusion, members who are potentially interested in purchasing an item should clearly state their interest when posting in the sales thread. If the item/s is being offered elsewhere then that must be noted in the description, and the thread must be updated as soon as you sell the item. First Refusal is valid only in the thread where the specific item is listed for sale. The First refusal only applies to the For Sale forum. WTB and For Trade forums allow the thread starter to buy from or trade with whomever he chooses in no particular order
    7. It is your responsibility to check your thread activity (as buyer OR seller) so as not to hold up the process. As a prospective buyer you can lose your position if you don't respond within 24 hours from the time of your last activity anywhere on the forum, as recorded on your profile page.
    8. SOLICITATIONS FOR DONATIONS AND CHARITIES – For numerous and obvious reasons they are simply not allowed without prior approval.
    9. Placing any contact information such as email, website url's, or phone number inside forum posts is not permitted. A link to your website is allowed in your signature line only.
    10. No commercial external links are allowed in posts, except where you are directing someone for educational or information purposes. For example, a link to ABC Sandpaper Supplies is fine, unless you own ABC Sandpaper Supplies, then it belongs in your signature.
    11. Local trades made with Wood Barter members are not required to be posted on the forum.

    Forum Etiquette


    You may place a link to your website in your signature line but not your email address. You MAY NOT place any of your contact information inside a post.


    Our attitude toward moderation is “minimalism”. We view everyone as individuals, with strengths and weaknesses like us and we will strive to deal with each of you with The Golden Rule as our yard stick. We do however have some rules that must be enforced if we are to provide a safe and friendly atmosphere for everyone. Profanity, chronic rudeness, and just generally being a horse's ass will get you banned.

    The discussion of political, religious, social, or socioeconomic topics are not permitted.

    You may express your spirituality or faith indirectly such as in your signature line, or for example by ending a post with an expression of praise for the Alien Reptilian Goddess of your choice . . . but use common sense. WB Staff does not want you to have to hide your faith of choice, just don't start a thread about it nor a discussion about it within an existing thread.

    Other Forums

    We will not tolerate negative or derogatory remarks, nor petty discussions about other forums. Those discussions are better made on the forum with whom you have the problem, or kept to yourself.

    These rules may be changed and/or modified without notice. Thank you for your cooperation and participation on this site. If you're unsure about something, always ask a WB Staff member or post it on the forum in the “Site Help” section if you do not yet have enough posts to use the PM system.

    Wood Barter Staff.