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I think my 029 is getting tired. A few years ago I down sized the bar to a 16" since it no longer seemed to handle a 20" and then an 18". Put a new chain on the 16" the other day for some recent EAB dead ash and it often bogged. Just could not keep up. Saw was a new purchase in 1995. Has cut many cords over the years. Think is is time to rebuild.

Several friends have bought dirt cheap Chinese replacements to just fail in a few years, often having the spark plug threads fail and pop out the plug. I was thinking about getting a Hyway kit. Not sure if I want the entire thing or just the top end. Stihl OEM parts run close to $400. Already decided to upgrade the change to an 039 when and if I move forward. I have not done a compression test yet or tore down the old girl to inspect.

Any thoughts?



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I do know there are a couple of long block kits available, they are crankcase, crank assy, piston, rings, and cylinder. You just swap all your stuff from your old engine over to the new one. I have an old 029 that I have considered doing the same thing to. I saw them on ebay. Reasonable cost, couple of different manufacturers if I remember correctly. Do your research on which one is better quality. It's been awhile since I looked. Oem Stihl parts are out of the question cost wise, better of buying a new saw before rebuilding with oem. But the aftermarket opens doors for other options. Some is junk, some is good quality. Hutzl comes to mind as a brand.
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