12th "Box" Finished this morning; Macassar Ebony Inlay, Rosewood (unknown) veneer, Teak interior Humidor

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I was wondering the same thing, though the smell of genuine teak smells really good and sweet. I am sure his “got a method to his madness”. Okay Davis, “Enquirer wants to know” why the move from teak to Spanish cedar?

@Arn213 and @FranklinWorkshops
Alright, to the enquirer: My mystical move from Spanish Cedar to Teak, while proprietary, may be categorized.....

No lol, all jokes aside, my dad likes dark cigars, with a heavy, sun-grown filler. These are typically super-rich in flavor, and I actually tried first with Spanish cedar oil on a little tobacco to see how well it improved the flavor, but I wrapped a few nice maduros with Dominican filler in a piece of cloth with fresh-cut teak, and boy did it help preserve--and even add--to the aroma! Super unorthodox, but I figure if my dad doesn't like it, I'll just go and seal the inside and re-line with Spanish Cedar. Bold move, probably not the best, but I will let you all know how it works out over time!