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**Closed*** Antler Key ring kit for 20 key rings


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Closed I recently came into a pile of antler tips and the making for key rings. You get enough of antler, rings and the d clips to make 20. Drill the hole larger than the diameter of the D ring so you can insert one end into the antler. Remembering to place the key ring between the 2 prongs before squeezing will save you from having to thread the ring on afterwards. Using a vice or pliers, squeeze the D ring together in the antler. Check by moving the antler back and forth on the D ring that it cannot come off. I bevel the base of the antler before assembling. The antler you see is what you will get. If these sell, I will make more kits. $25 a kit of 20 mailed in the U.S.

anter key rings.jpg
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