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Custom/Kitless Pen Tap & Die Group Buy


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No affiliation or connection to this, but in case anyone is interested in picking up the specialized taps and dies needed for custom/kitless pen making, there is a group buy being organized at IAP. The triple start taps and dies are expensive if bought individually and are typically something you have to custom order - or find one of a few retailers who sell them and pay their prices. Getting in on a group buy, which is how I bought my triple start taps and dies, can save you a lot of money on buying them. If you look at the Google doc linked at IAP, you can see how fast the price drops as more are purchased.

If anyone is interested, but has questions about what taps and dies they might need to make custom pens, I have a thread in the classroom that walks through making a basic custom pen. I can also do my best to answer any questions you might have on what taps and dies you might need.