Dr.meter MD918 Density Switch Values

V. Kelly Bellis

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Yesterday, I received a moisture meter, Dr.meter MD918, and the manual that came with it included a table showing sundry wood densities and corresponding density switch settings; i.e., 0-9

Using these values, I have made a guess at MD918 density switch settings for a given range of densities:
The reasons for coming up with this table are 1) that there are many available online resources for determining wood densities for the vast array of wood species, and 2) the density switch values listed in the appendix are limited to only those given species, some of which seem in conflict. Specifically, the incongruity referred to is there seems to be an error where the "Grade" setting for Australian Mahogany is 6 when its given density is 0.85; and the "Grade" of 7 is assigned to Ormosia henryi with a listed density of 0.82 Knowing the density range for each Dr.meter setting would be helpful.

I wrote to the manufacturer asking if they might make corrections as necessary to my guessed at range values and here's what I received this morning from them:
Please be advised that we only have this list in the user manual. If you can not find the corresponding reference, please choose mode 3. Thanks a lot.
I'm sharing this with this forum because there are so many of its members with an enormous amount of experience and knowledge, and that possibly you might be willing to make necessary adjustments to my ad hoc density extrapolations. Thank you very much in advance.