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EC Emmerich Model 10 SP Rabbet Plane

Discussion in 'Woodworking-Related Items For Sale, Trade, or WTB' started by FranklinWorkshops, Jul 20, 2018.

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    EC Emmerich has been making outstanding woodworking tools in Germany since the 1800's. Their main website is http://ecemmerich.de/en/ . Serious woodworkers need serious tools of this quality.

    This new model 10-SP is a rabbet plane (sometimes called a shoulder plane) that is perfect for cutting and truing up groves, dados, and rabbets in cabinet work. Do a search on YouTube to see rabbet planes in action. The plane is made with a lignum vitae sole which glides smoothing over the planed surface. No steel-soled plane can match it. The body of the plane is European hornbeam. It has a chipbreaker iron which helps clear the throat when in use. The throat opening is adjustable.

    This plane is listed on my Etsy site for $90 but I can give you a $5 discount if you buy it here. Just let me know you want it so I can pull it down from Etsy. Thanks.





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