Excalibur Scroll Saws


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Update on Judy's saws
We were lucky enough to get one of Seyco's new saws. It is first on Judy's list now. She has over 500 hours on it and it has been flawless. We have sold her Dewalt and her Jet is also for sale. We are keeping her Excaliber , Seyco and the Hawk. The Seyco is top notch and coupled with Ray's expertise , knowledge and customer service it is the one she gives the thumbs up on.

My General International rep here in Canada has nothing but good things to say about Ray at Seyco so I had high hopes for that machine. I'm glad to hear that it is working out for you and that you are happy with it. 500 hours of scrolling is definitely a great test run for the saw. Thanks for the update on the saw. It's truly appreciated.