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Food, drinks, recipes.

Discussion in 'Kenbo's Chat Room' started by Strider, Mar 21, 2019.

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    Worked for a pool company and our boss was from Hungry. His favorite trick was to get into someones lunch box and put hot Hungarian peppers on their sandwich. Only happened to me once. As you might imagine he was a great guy to work for. The bottoms of the pools were free formed so we were down in a hole with no breeze, sun beating down on us shoveling and finishing concrete. Frank made it tolerable as he usually had a cold one for us when the job was done. It helped too he was right along side working with us all. Never could understand why he would eat a whole pepper by itself. BTW, every time I see a cement truck go by I know someone's doing some hard work.
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    Dad got some habaneros one time on a produce farm he was pollinating for, brought them to ND for me. Having ODed on Dave's Gourmet Insanity Sauce I could not eat habanero for years, the slightest bit in anything tied my guts in a knot. Friend of mine took them, he was munching on them at break that day at work. Without thinking he went to take a leak before returning to work. Said in a few minutes he noticed this warning sensation in his shorts. Didn't think much of it at first, but it persisted and kept getting warmer and warmer. Went to the bathroom and grabbed some paper towels and wet them and tried to put out the flames, said that only made things worse. Told the boss he had to go to the house!! Went home and showered, and scrubbed vigorously before things started cooling off, applied some lotion to ease the pain. Said it was the most excitment he'd had since him and his wife first started dating
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    I had planted some hot peppers and I am anticipating any sprouts!

    Yet again, 4 eggs, 5 midsized asparagus tilzit cheese and some ham. I pour the scrambled eggs in the pan and I stir it till you can see it is cooked. That way it has a stringy texture, compared to a spongy if I left it without stirring.
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