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Fruit woods for MA/CT/RI folks

Andrew T

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Boston, MA / Dover, NH / Portland, ME
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Found these guys selling wood from old trees they had to take down this past spring. They list nectarine, peach, apple, and pear wood, but only the nectarine and peach wood is cut up so far (but not split). Lots of branch wood, but still some 8-10" wide/15-16" long logs they're willing to help you dig into the bins for.

Didn't ask about the apple, but the pear was hard to find since it was left where it was cut and subsequently overgrown with weeds and grass. Some interesting wood there that has managed not to rot, too, but a lot is bound up with dead poison ivy vines, so bring protection against that (and ticks) if you're interested. Farmer's name is Neil.