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Helping Hands

Discussion in 'Kenbo's Chat Room' started by kweinert, Apr 19, 2019.

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    Well, there was some woodworking involved.

    My first box joints, mainly.

    Here's the bottom view. I cheated and just cut grooves in the bottom of the top surface to run the wires:

    After getting the wires in place I put tape over them to keep them in the channel so when the bottom plate goes on the wires are all in place.

    And the finished project:

    This was adapted from a project that was on I Like To Make Stuff. He didn't have the lights and so the power just went to the fan box.

    I had a couple of interesting chances to practice my ability to adapt to mistakes :)

    The switches I wanted to use turned out to be much deeper than I thought. So instead of just a 1/8" bottom plate I ended up with another 1/2" bit with holes partially through to make room for them.

    The fans run in the opposite direction to the ones that Bob used so while his fans show in the front and push the solder fumes through the activated charcoal filter mine are in the back and pull the fumes through.

    As you can see in the first picture I still have to fill the holes in the fan box. I had not considered the effect of narrow fingers and the wider grooves that the fans/filter sit in. Filling those in should create a much better draw through the filter. They probably did not need to be box joints, but since it was my first jig I used it to make that box. Not my best idea, as it turns out.

    In case it's not obvious, this is basically used for electronics work. The 4 jaws can hold pieces in place while you solder them in place. Or a board when you solder components/wires to it. The lights are because my eyes are older and can't see that detail as well :)

    I may end up trimming back those orange cones that the LEDs are in. I haven't used it much yet and so I'm not sure if the directed light will be good or if I need more general illumination. That part I actually planned - figured it would be easier to trim them back if needed than to add something on if it was too much.
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    YEEGAD an octopus with glowing eyes!!

    I like it
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