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Just back from a little warm weather flats fishing


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I've known a number of people who have frequently visited Cuba in the last few years, but no one who has fished. I had been wondering!
I caught a slam for the week, but not all on the same day. The day I got the permit I jumped a couple tarpon but didn't stay connected. I also jumped a snook that day but it was a complete surprise to all of us (guide included, just didn't expect to see a snook) and on a bonefish fly with 16# tippet so that didn't last long. Snook have sandpaper mouth like a tarpon. S'okay, I'm not that into records and slams and things.

The flats fishing in Cuba has been some of the best I've had in the last 5 years. It's not cheap to go there but the fishing is pretty darn good. If / when Cuba gets opened up and the casinos return, the fishing will most likely decline until it matches Florida now. Right now it's so tightly controlled it sees very low pressure.