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Masks for Healthcare Workers


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Have a sister that is 100% anti vaxxer. I am not. Old enough to remember Polio victims. But I am an advocate of choice.
Thanks- she is getting better-slowly.
I'm not in any way looking to be argumentative and I'm sure this thread is starting to veer in the direction of taboo land but I feel discussion and discourse, especially on subjects such as these, are important. I also feel the discussion of certain subjects being made taboo, causing people to divide along lines of an ideology that may be more impressed on them than part of their nature, to be a critical fault leading to the many disasters we are witnessing today. So, I'm going to take one more step into No Man's Land and hopefully not step on a landmine. Not in any way an attempt to bash anybody's beliefs or score debating points, more a hope that someone may avoid a disaster.
Polio has been raised as an argument for vaccination many times. For me it's a flaccid argument. Of the several books and medical journals I've read concerning vaccine damage and the claimed effectiveness, entire chapters were dedicated to the Polio debacle. For me, the events playing out right now are just the latest chapter in a decades long propaganda & marketing scheme that began in the early 1900's and really kicked off after WWII. Polio, was around for three decades and already in major decline long before the first attempted vaccine ever came out in the mid 1950's. The first introductions of the "vaccine" caused major spikes in destructive Polio and the doctors that created the "vaccines" would not give them to their own families and tried in vain to get the government to take them off the market. I could type for the next several hours and barely scratch the surface but someone has already done substantial work on this subject.

This may be one of the most enlightening videos you ever watch. I think it's worth a 1/2 hour of your time.