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My HHG Pot With Accessories

Discussion in 'Veneering' started by chicago, May 16, 2015.

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    This is not rocket science, but it works. I was sure I could make my own HHG (hot hide glue) pot and not have to spend a ton of cash in the process. Nothing wrong with the proper HHG pot, mind you, but I thought I could roll my own and I was right ... this time.

    I drove down to Big Lots! and grabbed a large crock pot, but I first bought a smallish crock pot and that one did NOT work. I exchanged it for the one you see below and it worked perfectly. Here are the photos and we can go from there.

    HHG Crock Pot.jpg
    Here is my $20 Hamilton-Beach HHG pot.

    Crock Pot Top.jpg
    Here is a top down view. You will note that I took 1/4" plexiglass cut it to fit the opening and then cut a smaller opening for my Ball canning jar to fit into. I also punched a hole in the jar lid to fit my thermometer into.

    I thought that it made more sense to not use a brush to deliver the HHG from the pot to the veneer (or whatever), so I use a plastic squeeze jar filled with marbles to do that job. The brush is only used to spread the HHG onto the veneer. The marbles are very dense which hold the heat and keeps the HHG from losing its heat too quickly. And, BTW, the fancy-pants HHG brush you see in the first photo is a must. Those are the best brushes for spreading the HHG over the veneer. They just work!!

    I learned that without the plastic mesh seen above the marbles would block off the flow of the HHG. The mesh solved that problem. This plastic jar fits in the same opening as the Ball jar did. No problem.

    HHG Forms.jpg
    I used to use plain-jane Ball canning jars for my HHG. Now I use the plastic bottle shown in prior photo. What is not used goes into the refrigerator until it is needed again. And, yes ... my wife does know about this. :scare3:

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