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Pen Blank Help

Diver Temple

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@Schroedc good evening/morning.

I have a couple of ideas that my skill and tool inventory are not quite up to yet. @rocky1 suggested you might be able to help out on a pen I am making. I am giving it to my EOD sis-in-law to auction at the Army EOD ball in May next year for a Wounded Warriors benefit auction. In other words, no rush if you are busy.

What I need to do is, if possible, is engrave the segmented claro walnut ends with US Army to the right, and three separate EOD emblems around the left side claro walnut band. The Wounded Warriors emblem will go on the white and blue stripe to the right of the Eagle's beak.

Eagle kit is dyed and stabilized, the claro walnut pieces are natural, sanded to 1000 grit, 10mm tube.

If your engraver can work this wonder, I then need it cast in crystal clear epoxy thick enough to finish to a grenade pen. probably 1/8" to 1/4" so I can shape it well.

Let me know if you can perform the engraving and if so, the cost to engrave and cast. If not, I will need to look for another solution before casting.

All suggestions are welcome. I look forward to hearing from you.

Ginger's EOD in work plan.jpg