Portable Moxon style table top bench questions


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I mentioned a neighbor up the road passed away and I'm helping his wife clear out his shop. He had this portable Moxon style bench top and she let me have it. It is approx 10" wide by 60" long, built on two sheets of 3/4" plywood and trimmed. It has a 6" vise on one end and holes for bench dogs. The rods and screw for the vise extend approx 4" underneath the bench top. If I put this on my permanent bench I need to cut away the 2X6 underlayment on my bench to make room for the rods and screw of the vise (it needs about an inch clearance between the bottom of the portable bench and the rods/screw.)

So I'm looking for thoughts, comments, suggestions, advice about how to best use this. Should I keep it temporary and bring it out when I need to secure a board flat on my bench? Are there other uses that make it worth fixing this permanently to my bench (ie, cut away the 2X6 's to make room for the rods/screw of the vise? Or I could also use this on my portable work table I roll out into the driveway (see photo below). I think there is enough clearance under the cantilevered end of the portable work station to allow for the rods/screw of the vise. But this is probably too long and I'd need to cut it off, maybe around 48inches long or so. What do you folks with benchs think?

mobile work bench closed.jpg

moxon style table top bottom view.jpg

moxon style table top full view.jpg

moxon style table top side view.jpg