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**REMINDER ** All trades and sales must start and end in the open forum not in a private message


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"All trades and sales must start and end in the open forum".

No specific member is being singled out here, but I have been alerted to a few violations over the past weeks, and this seems like a good time for a refresher course on our rules. Too many new members are not adhering to the rules, they keep trying to buy in a Conversation/PM, and not responding in the for-sale topic as you are required to do.
Rules aren't fun sometimes, but without them, this great forum will cease to exist. This is a reminder and nothing more because we all need reminding occasionally. This is really the foundation of WB and this specific rule exists for many reasons, Trades initiated "behind the forum" can result in an immediate ban.

And remember, you're not going to get rich buying and selling stuff here. So keep your prices respectable.

However, I'd like to also say a sincere thank you, to the vast majority of you who are obviously following them.