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I have just recently finished reading, "More Useful Woods of the World". This book has great information for the common wood worker and covers a "tree-mendous" amount of families. Nearly any species of wood you are working on will have a family member addressed in one of the two volumes. Furthermore it is likely that the specific genus will be addressed and even likely that the particular species will be covered in either of the two volumes since 350 species are covered. Each data sheet gives some history on the name of the wood, where it grows, the timber produced, how to season it, how it works, the uses and availability. There is a picture of the wood and a micrograph for each species covered. I recommend checking out the Hobithouse website and Wood Database sites if further information is needed. These books typically run $50 for the set. If you see them for less, you should consider adding them to your personal library and even buying a set for the friend that would borrow and forget to return...
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