To a great man I never met, but always felt I knew

Discussion in 'Best Wishes' started by ClintW, Nov 21, 2016.

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    I am just seeing this today..... at first I could not believe it. As I realized what I was reading, I had to step out of the office for awhile to collect myself.

    I had never met Kevin or spoke with him, but I always enjoyed his comments and banter as I came across it here on WB. The way a person speaks and treats others says a lot about who they are as a person on the inside, and from what I saw I can confidently say Kevin was a man of great character full of kindness, humor, respect, and much much more. The acts of pure kindness and care was incredible to see. I had always hoped to meet Kevin one day, to put a face to the great personality I saw here on WB, but this will have to wait till a later time now.

    I would like to thank you @Kevin for the great many laughs, the awesome generosity, and creation of this great forum, WB. Many days this was the place I went to find a little humor in my day and to see some incredible creations made from the beauty found in nature and sometimes to just feel the great sense of community we have here, that I have never felt in a forum elsewhere. I can only imagine the incredible impact you made in your day to day life if you were able to touch so many so deeply here. I hope to one day be able to be such a positive light in so many peoples lives and aspire to be such a great man as Kevin.

    My best wishes and condolences to the Jaynes Family and friends. I will send my prayers your way in these tough times.
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    Well said and this is exactly how I feel