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To Bee or not to Bee

Discussion in 'Kenbo's Chat Room' started by Nubsnstubs, Jun 3, 2019.

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    Last week after a trip into town, instead of going straight home I decided to further explore the BLM land near my house. Normally when I park my vehicle, I usually leave the phone in it. That day I took it just because I could. After exploring and deciding it would be worthwhile to get back there another day, I noticed that the Cylindropuntia Fulgida had some flowers. I've lived in Tucson 46 years and have never seen any or just never paid any attention to that particular Cholla. I got up real close for a good look, and noticed something round and yellow was moving inside the blossom. Grabbed my camera to get a picture, but the critter was camera shy. It was a bee and it flew off to another blossom. Every time the camera focused, it flew to another blossom before I could take it's picture. I tried 3 times to get a picture of that damned bee and couldn't, so took a few pictures of the flowers instead.
    The bee was totally covered with pollen. I was surprised it could still fly. 20190528_095947.jpg

    The bee was in this next flower, and a couple more that didn't get their picture taken. There are a couple ants on the flower pod that isn't open yet next to the pod that is just starting to open. 20190528_095918.jpg

    .............. Jerry (in Tucson)

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