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When A Member is Banned . . .

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This is the most difficult decision an admin or moderator of a forum has to make. One thing that makes it difficult, is that when the member gets banned, he tells his version of why he got banned to as many other members as will listen, most of whom have no idea what really happened to get it to the point of being banned, and probably will never find out. Staff cannot really discuss the issue on the open forum without looking like they are bashing the member, or having to justify an action that almost always has very deep roots – and airing the dirty laundry never helps any party involved.

If a thread is started asking why a member was banned, it never turns out good since the topic is so controversial and polarizing. Most members of a forum do not want to see any member banned, and for certain none of the staff do because members are our life blood but sometimes it just becomes unavoidable. I have been a member of forums for a long time, and I have never seen a member get banned, that didn't cause other members to leave also. This is sad to see but it's a fact of life when this unfortunate scenario plays out.

This makes it doubly difficult to ban a member. Every member of a forum has an idea how they would run the forum if they were making the decisions. Most of us believe we would allow a very lax “anything goes” atmosphere, but this doesn't work very well either especially with a forum like this.

The reason we do not allow open discussions of members that have been banned, is because I've seen that too many times on other forums, spread like a poison and the members themselves “pick a side” and start having at each other. It may not be the best policy, but it's the best one I'm aware of. Hopefully we won't have to make this kind of difficult decision very often as we move forward striving to improve our unique community.

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