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  1. 20210203-IMG_9671.jpg


    Skull carved from Black & White Ebony with a brass tooth.
  2. 20210203-IMG_9635.jpg


    Saber Tooth Cat skull carved from Spalted Maple, I used bleach for the teeth and Tung Oil and wax for the finish.
  3. RogerC

    Another cane

    Ambrosia Maple shaft Black and White Ebony skull with brass tip and gold leafing.
  4. RogerC

    Another Skull

    Here's another I just completed and per request I did manage to take some progress pictures. This is Black & White Ebony.
  5. RogerC

    Quilted Maple + Dye + Skull = Awesome

    I had carved a skull out of Spalted Maple that was sitting on the shelf waiting to be part of a project when I started working this Maple I thought it would be a good fit. The Maple had nice quilting I had purchased it over 10 years ago and got a good deal because the figure didn't go across the...
  6. RogerC


    Just finished this, I contemplated for days as to weather to dye it red or leave it natural but love the way it turned out. The burl was purchased 10-15 years ago in Oregon and I can't remember what type (maybe you can help identify)?
  7. RogerC

    Various Canes

    Here are some photos of canes I made a few years back, I don't use a cane and have never used these they are just wall decoration. 1. Dyed Maple shaft with Brier wood collar and Walnut skull. 2. Cherry wood shaft with brass and Ebony and Walnut handle. 3. Maple shaft and Cocobolo handle...